Quotes of the Day

The secrete to stay healthy: learn and practice Taiji

The philosophy of practice: spare an hour for yourself on Taiji, then your can spend the rest of your day for you career, your family...

The objective in practice: use your mind and not force, stay vertical and relax

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Taiji Treats Cancer- Extract from Sin Chew Daily 20Sept15

Taiji Workshop at Kuching Sentral 20Sept15

Group Photo
Front L-R: Albert (KS), Tau Kuek, Mrs Wong, Mr Wong (Chief Inst), Allen and Helen(KS) *KS=Kuching Sentral
Rear L-R: Dexter, Adrian L, Adrian G, Tong Kway, Mrs Ting, Mr Ting, Wee Ting, Guan Yan, Azam, Rafidah and Shah Ping 

Workshop in Progress